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Dating apps weirdest

10 Weirdest Dating Sites

‘I Hate Dating Apps So Much!’

In this first top 3 weirdest dating apps we’re going to delve into some fun dating apps we’ve found on the web for food lovers. If you thought your love for pizza or your strict commitment to veganism was hard to find in singles, not anymore my friend! We’ve gathered some of the most interesting dating apps we’ve seen in the last week, check it out! Dominos dating app: what’s that about? Who hasn’t dreamed of a dating app for pizza lovers?.

dating apps weirdest

From a dating app that connects bacon lovers to a website for Star Trek fans, these are the most niche dating services we've ever seen. Check out 10 of the weirdest dating sites that actually exist. HighThere! is a dating app that's been referred to as "the Tinder for weed.