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Is iyanya dating yvonne

I’m not the only guy who broke Yvonne Nelson’s heart – Iyanya

is iyanya dating yvonne

Popular Ghanian actress Yvonne Nelson is the cover star of Genevieve Magazine's July issue and in an interview with the magazine, she. Iyanya once denied being in a relationship with Yvonne Nelson and went as far as saying: "“The thing about dating celebs is that it would most. WG caught up with Iyanya during the week, but rather than refuting I wasn't shy about anything but he could not say he's dating Yvonne.

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According to a close source, “Iyanya has a tattoo of Yvonne Nelson’s initials on his wrist and that’s the picture below. Iyanya supposedly got the tattoo when he was still dating Yvonne, while he was deeply in love with her, meaning their relationship was a lot more than just sex ” Our candid opinion to the two is that they should cease from the ‘public show’ of abuses and always remember that relationship is the only war where you connect with the enemy.