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Navigating the dating scene

How To Navigate The Dating Scene!

If you do eventually want to settle down, but have never really taken the time to explore the dating scene, don't get ahead of yourself. Look around and see. To survive the modern dating scene, you'll need courage, intelligence, and maybe And not just confusing, but hard to navigate, because it can be hard to find.

What's it like for me in the dating scene? Find out! Plus I delve into transphobia a little bit on a tangent. Classic Ryan!. Dating is difficult enough, but when you’re a single mother of a son living with bipolar, it presents other challenges; here’s what I’ve learned When is the right time to tell someone? Do I tell them on the first date, the 2nd date? The 5th date? Do I tell them my son is living with bipolar and wait for questions or do I fill them in on what it means? In the past when I mentioned my son has bipolar you could’ve sworn I told them I had the plague.