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Who is laine from american idol dating

In My Arms Instead, Randy Roger Band [ Laine Hardy & Laci Kaye Booth ]

who is laine from american idol dating

Teenage girls' new heartthrob. This past season of American Idol produced a number of standout stars, especially its winner, Laine Hardy. The “Bayou Boy” was a fan-favorite from the start. Last night on American Idol, Katy Perry stirred the pot to start some drama again!​ She speculated that Laine Hardy and Laci Kaye Booth were dating after their movie song duet, “Jackson” from Walk the Line.​ Laine and Laci had chemistry for sure, as you can see from this video. 'American Idol' contestants Laci Kaye Booth and Laine Hardy finally set the record straight about those pesky dating rumors. Get the exclusive. 'American Idol' winner, Laine Hardy, opens up about why he's not dating at the moment. Plus, plans for new music and more!

Laine Hardy Addresses Rumors He's Dating Another 'Idol' Star

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