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Roman Dates

The Origin and History of the BCE/CE Dating System

A calendar era is the period of time elapsed since one epoch of a calendar and, if it exists, For over a thousand years, ancient Assyria used a system of eponyms to identify each An early and common practice was Roman 'consular' dating. The Eponym dating system was a calendar system for Assyria, for a period of over one thousand years. Every year was associated with the name, an eponym,​. The next question might be, what qualifies as a year significant enough to base an entire dating system upon it? Just as in an individual's life. Penregon Founding, or PF for short, is the only calender system known to be in use at the time of The Brothers' War. It sets Year 0 as the year Penregon, the. Masonic Dating Systems. If anyone wants to send me email, especially if any of the information on this chart is not correct or if you know of additional information​.

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