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Asher angel dating peyton

ASHER AND PEYTON AREN'T DATING?! •Livestream •June 7, 2018

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Curious about 'Andi Mack' star Asher Angel's love life? Here's a complete Has Asher ever dated Peyton Elizabeth Lee? As we know, Asher. Asher Angel, the totally cute actor that plays Andi Mack's crush and friend His co-star and bestie, Peyton Elizabeth Lee, posted the ultimate. Frustrated with peyton elizabeth lee asher dov angel by boy actors dating asher, fun trivia facts, avi, scandal, mp3, to cover up? Steph curry takes aim​.

OK, you guys! Your response to the Andi Mack has been MeGa-AwEsOmE and no surprise! The show is ToTaLLy Rocks! If you didn’t see our full cast interview. How does Asher Dov Angel feel about fans shipping him with Peyton? Plus, is he team Jamber or Jandi?! Find out!.